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Flexi Solid Tires™ by McLaren

Zero Downtime!

With McLaren Flexi Solid Tires™ you’ll never waste time and money on flats. With over 10 years of field testing and continuous improvements of the tire structure, McLaren's tires integrates the strength and stability of Solid Tires with the smooth, cushioned ride of pneumatic tires.

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"I can do much more with my Bobcat and I don't worry about pushing around construction material with nails or sharp objects. The tires have saved me money and time not to mention the stress relief."

Thomas E. Young, T Young Designs, LLC

About McLaren Flexi Solid Tires

  • Heavy-duty rubber compound and extra deep lugs ensure 3 to 5 times the life expectancy of pneumatic tires
  • Never waste time and money on flat tires again
  • Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ provides optimum shock absorption and a smooth, air-cushioned ride
  • Up to three layers of deep cushion holes prevent damage to the machine on the roughest terrain
  • Specially engineered sidewalls prevent punctures and snags in severe cutting conditions
  • Deep lugs provide more traction in snow, sand, or deep mud
  • The extra weight of the tires increases machine stability and reduces bouncing
  • Tires come with rims for easy installation
Learn more: History, Nu-Air Brochure (pdf)
  • Skid Steer Loader
  • Backhoe Loader
  • Telehandler

McLaren Flexi Solid Tires comparison table

McLaren Flexi Solid Tires comparison table

McLaren’s unique Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ provides shock absorption for maximum performance and machine longevity on and off road. The specially engineered sidewalls prevent cuts and snags even in severe cutting conditions. The deep tread pattern provides more traction on slopes, sand, mud, and other slippery terrains. Made from heavy-duty rubber compound, McLaren Flexi Solid Tires last three to five times longer than regular pneumatic tires.

McLaren’s new Maximizer™ Flexi Solid Tires are our most economical flat-proof tire solution. Combining the benefits of Semi-Pneumatic Tire Technology with the big cost advantages of lean tire manufacturing, Maximizer tires offer great quality at a great price. They are the perfect solution for the budget conscious contractor, who needs to get a job done on time, while incurring the lowest possible project costs.