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Rubber tracks by McLaren

McLaren has invested years in research and development to create the highest quality rubber compounds and track designs. We carry rubber tracks for thousands of models of mini excavators, track loaders, and other construction and agricultural equipment.

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"... We like McLaren quality, we've used other brands, your is the best quality out there..."

Marcus Thompson, Thompson Builders

About McLaren rubber tracks

  • US Patented Technology
  • McLaren proprietary SpoolRite™ belting technology provides the industry's strongest track structure
  • Advanced rubber compounding helps ensure proper rubber bonding with the links to prevent link ejection
  • S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon forged steel used for making the links prevents breaking or cracking under heavy impact loads
  • Large variety of innovative lug patterns for minimum vibration and increased traction
  • Use of short-pitch technology to double sprocket life and reduced vibration
  • Manufactured under strict quality ISO 9001:2008 guidelines certified by SGS SA, Switzerland

Learn more: Rubber Tracks(pdf), Patterns(pdf)
  • Mini Excavator
  • Track Loaders

McLaren rubber tracks comparison table

McLaren rubber tracks comparison table

NextGen TDF™ rubber tracks are developed specifically for track loaders. They have multiple lugs per pitch and deliver a smooth ride. Our double offset tread pattern minimizes vibration and reduces undercarriage wear. This unique tread pattern is designed to provide enhanced flexibility, traction, even in snow, and a smoother ride. The Multi-Lug Pitch System protects the track body and quarantines cuts and cracks.

NextGen TURF™ rubber tracks are designed for landscaping jobs. They significantly reduce damage on delicate turf areas and irrigation systems, and have a smooth tread that leaves little or no footprint. NextGen TDF & NextGen TURF are also available in non-marking Orange rubber compound.

Next Generation™ Series is McLaren’s original premium quality rubber track line, preferred by many OEMs. These tracks are of upmost quality and are designed to optimize the life of the undercarriage components. Owning the premium McLaren brand tracks is a statement of quality and a way of securing peace of mind. Available for compact track loaders and mini excavators, the Next Generation rubber tracks are the tracks that established McLaren as a leading rubber track manufacturer.

Maximizer™ rubber tracks were developed by McLaren based on feedback from independent construction contractors around the world. Maximizer™ rubber tracks solve the “price vs. quality” dilemma by offering the best of both worlds - reliable quality, moderately priced.